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CSGO Season 2022 Katowice Edition Starter Box

CSGO Season 2022 Katowice Edition Starter Box

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All Epics trading cards are uniquely tracked collectibles. Scan the QR code on the back of the card to register it and unlock its unique digital twin in the app

(Available on the App Store and Google Play).

Scan your cards to unlock extra features:
- Easily track your season collection checklist
- Compete on leaderboards with other collectors
- Show your cards off to our worldwide collector community
- Use your cards to compete in our Epics Rush game

Box Contents:
- 10 Season 2022 Batch A Packs
- 50 63x88mm Season 2022 First Edition Core and Katowice Limited Edition Cards

Pack Contents:
- Matte Core Player & Team Cards
- Katowice Matte Limited Edition Veterans, Mapped, Team History & Event History

- Holographic Hybrid Collector, Epic Player & Team Cards
- Katowice Holographic Limited Edition Fraggers, Clutchers, Assisters, Pistol Kills &
Sniper Kills
- Rare Holographic Rookies, Legendary Player & Legends Cards
- Chance for Rare Katowice Holographic Legendary Player & Team Champion Cards
- Chance for Super Rare Katowice Holographic Historic Moments, Stat Kings and
Katowice Trophy Card
- Chance for Ultra Rare Katowice Holographic Historic MVPs & All-Time MVP Card
- Chance for Ultra Rare Signed Player Inserts — Numbered 1–50 & distributed across 2022 batches.
- Chance for Secret Rare Holographic Premium Player Card

Individual Card Odds:
- Matte: 70%
- Holo: ~29.55%
- Super Rare/Ultra Rare: ~0.45%

Officially licensed. Every product you purchase supports the events, teams and players in.

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