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CSGO Season 2023 End of an Era Large Display Box

CSGO Season 2023 End of an Era Large Display Box

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Preorder 2023 CSGO End of an Era for your chance to be entered into our preorder raffle! 

Estimated Product Shipment Date: March 2024

Kolex trading cards each have a unique serial/mint number & QR code unlocking the identical digital twin. Each collectible can be uniquely tracked, viewed in your digital library and be traded or sold on the web & mobile applications!

Scanning your cards enables additional features including:

  • View your card’s digital twin
  • Compete on leaderboards with unique collectible prizes
  • Create showcases to flex your favorite cards

Box Contents: 

  • 24 Season 2023 End of an Era Packs
  • 120 63x88mm Season 2023 End of an Era Cards

 Card Types:

  • Matte Major Semi Finals Appearances, Major Finals Appearances, Major Total Champions, Major Winners, Challengers & Legends Cards
  • Holographic 2023 Event Winner Player & Teams, Breakout Players, Champions & Collector Cards
  • Chance for Rare Holographic EPL & Major MVP Cards
  • Chance for Super Rare Holographic Major Team Champion & 2023 Event Winner Art Cards
  • Chance for Ultra Rare Holographic Major Grandmaster Art Card & Grand Slam Winner Players and Teams
  • Chance for Ultra Rare 2023 Signed Player Cards including: Awakening /25, Rookie /25, CS:GO Major Champions /15, 2023 Cologne Players /15 & 2023 Event Team Winner Cards /15
  • Chance for Secret Rare Holographic 2023 Premium Dupreeh Numbered 1-25 Cards

Rare Hits Pack Odds:

  • Rare Holographic Cards: 2+ per box on average
  • Signature Cards: 1/168 Packs

Kolex trading cards are officially licensed supporting the players & teams featured!

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